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William Henry MiersAge: 70 years18691939

William Henry Miers
Given names
William Henry
Birth July 28, 1869 35 33
Birth of a sisterEdith Wilhelmine Miene Miers
February 10, 1873 (Age 3 years)
Death of a fatherJames Miers
December 22, 1883 (Age 14 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherEleanor Isobella Thompson
October 28, 1888 (Age 19 years)
Cabbage Tree Creek, Aspley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Latitude: S27.358956 Longitude: E153.013233

Death of a maternal grandfatherJohn Morris
December 22, 1891 (Age 22 years)
Cabbage Tree Creek, Aspley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Latitude: S27.359235 Longitude: E153.012246

MarriageMuriel Gertrude NewtonView this family
November 23, 1898 (Age 29 years)
Birth of a daughter
Morris Muriel “Moss” Miers
September 19, 1899 (Age 30 years)
Bundamba, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Latitude: S27.6 Longitude: E152.816667

Birth of a daughter
Elizabeth Forbes Miers
December 31, 1901 (Age 32 years)
Forest Hill, Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia
Latitude: S27.583333 Longitude: E152.35

Birth of a daughter
Milverton May Miers
May 17, 1905 (Age 35 years)
Forest Hill, Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia
Latitude: S27.590675 Longitude: E152.354043

Birth of a son
William James Norbert Miers
August 20, 1907 (Age 38 years)
Forest Hill, Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia
Latitude: S27.590675 Longitude: E152.354043

Death of a motherElizabeth Morris
May 7, 1921 (Age 51 years)
Death of a brotherJohn James Miers
1936 (Age 66 years)
Burial of a brotherJohn James Miers
1936 (Age 66 years)
Marriage of a childWilliam Mansfield or ReevesMilverton May MiersView this family
February 13, 1938 (Age 68 years)
Roma, Roma District, Queensland, Australia
Latitude: S26.569448 Longitude: E148.783762

Death October 30, 1939 (Age 70 years)
Burial October 31, 1939 (1 day after death)
Address: Nursery Road
Family with parents - View this family
Elizabeth Morris
Birth: April 15, 1836 25 21Prospect Place, Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom
Death: May 7, 1921Glengate, Jondaryan, Queensland, Australia
Marriage: March 19, 1864St Ann's Church, Jondaryan
1 year
elder brother
John James Miers
Birth: March 8, 1865 31 28Jondaryan Stn, Jondaryan, Queensland, Australia
Death: 1936Southbrook, Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia
19 months
elder brother
George Henry Miers
Birth: September 27, 1866 32 30Jondaryan Station, Jondaryan, Queensland, Australia
Death: April 16, 1867Jondaryan Station, Jondaryan, Queensland, Australia
3 years
4 years
younger sister
Family with Muriel Gertrude Newton - View this family
Marriage: November 23, 1898St Frances Church, Nundah, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
10 months
2 years
Elizabeth Forbes Miers
Birth: December 31, 1901 32 25Forest Hill, Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia
Death: June 21, 1969Millers Road, Underwood, Logan, Queensland, Australia
3 years
Milverton May Miers
Birth: May 17, 1905 35 28Forest Hill, Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia
Death: August 5, 2001Roma Rest Home, Roma, Roma District, Queensland, Australia
2 years
William James Norbert Miers
Birth: August 20, 1907 38 30Forest Hill, Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia
Death: August 31, 1973Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Shared note

1869/C000282 Myers William Henry James Elizabeth Morris William Henry Miers, Born on Jondarian Station.
During the sheering season Bill first worked as a sweeper then advanced to collecting the fleece and throwing them on the tables for the Wool-Classer to trim and grade.

Jondaryan Provisional School opened on 12 February 1872 and became Jondaryan State School on 31 January 1876.

Bill joined the railway as a Porter, Night Porter, 1892 advancing to a Night Officer1895. William was Assistant Station Master in 1897 on the railway station at Nundah where he courted Muriel Newton-Langdon. Muriel affectionately called thisy oung man "Willie" although everybody knew him as "Bill." Bill and Muriel were married. The couple spent their Honeymoon in Sydney visiting Muriel's grandmother, her aunt's, cousins and other family members. Bill Miers was moved to Bundamba1890 Assistant Station Master

1903 Commonwealth Electoral Roll, Station Master @ Forest Hill,Queensland

Their first daughter was horn at Bundamba near Brisbane. Bill Miers was promoted to Station Master and posted to Forrest Hill c1889/1900 (Post Master until at least 1904 & Station Master 1900/01-1910/12) where the family lived in the Station Masters house. It was here their remaining three children were born (Beth 1901 Verton 1905 Bill 1907). Bill joined the Argile Masonic Lodge being a foundation member, remaining in the Masonic Lodge all his life. Life was good to the familyin this prosperous country town until the Railway became so large exporting more freight than almost any station in Queensland, eventually Bill Miers next posting was to Murgon, the children had a wonderful aboriginal Nanny who the loveddearly, Muriel had help in the house and the children grew into teenagers. Bill was a posted to the Western town of Wallumbilla c1917 in the Roma District. Muriel joined in the many local activities. During the War Muriel played the piano atdances and fund-raising events. Bill was active in the local Ambulance and other community affairs. When the Soldiers returned from the active service, two of their daughters Muriel & Beth married two brothers and their third daughter Vertonbecame governe ss at Mt Abundance Station.

Bill left the Railway in 1819 and worked in Wallumbilla on building sites, as a shearer in 1925 back at Jondaryan Station. Bill eventually obtaining a position with the Vacuum oil Company in Brisbane. Lived at Park Road and then purchased ahous e at Holland Park (which they were to lose during the depression). They rented a house in Sandgate, a interesting house with views overlooked the sea and a wonderful place for grandchildren to visit. When the tide was out there wasgolden sand to play on and soldier crabs to chase. Wading birds in the tidal pools on the salt flats below the house. Then a sea wall was built and eventually the flat land was drained and houses built. Much later the golden sands werecovered with a slu dge discharged into the bay by the Brisbane sewerage treatment works.

When Bill retired Muriel and Bill moved into a cottage on their son-in-law's property at Kuraby. Bill died from a sudden heart attack and Muriel, now alone visited many relatives in the Sydney area of New South Wales., Then Muriel went to Kywong Station where one of her daughters lived. Muriel decided to live in Wallumbilla near her eldest daughter and her family. Muriel retired to Salam Rest home at Toowoomba which was central for her daughters to visit with her son living nearby.Afte r many very happy years living at Salam Rest Home, Muriel died aged ninety three years and five months exactly. Note;- Muriel "Moo" (a nickname bestowed on her by her mother) lived with her parents at Grenfell where her father practised Law. After her parents separated she stayed with her grandparents at Waverley When her mother married William Langdonsh e went to live with her mother. and stepfather at Mourilyan Harbour travelling from Sydney to North Queensland