Harvey Family Tree 2018-04-30

John Edward O'Brien + Eleanor Adelaide Morris

7 children
Edna Adelaide O'Brien
Birth: December 20, 1911 25 24Gatton, Queensland, Australia
Death: November 13, 1913Gatton, Queensland, Australia
Mervyn Walter O'Brien
Birth: December 4, 1917 31 30Gatton, Queensland, Australia
Death: June 13, 1988Gatton, Queensland, Australia
Keneth Edward O'Brien
Birth: May 13, 1926 39 38Gatton, Queensland, Australia
Death: August 9, 1927Gatton, Queensland, Australia

Parents Grandparents

John Morris @ NottinghamJohn Morris
Birth: November 13, 1843 33 28Radford, Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom
Death: June 5, 1894Cabbage Tree Creek, Aspley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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The details of this family are private.